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OTMC Strategic Plan 

Strategic Plan

August 2000 to August 2005

  • Vision

'To be the strongest outdoor recreation club in New Zealand'

  • Mission

'To promote, facilitate and advocate the safe enjoyment of the outdoors

  • Goals

1:Increase weekend trips to 16 per year with 18 people average by 02/03
2: Strengthen links with related organisations
3: Revise financial system; Financial Security; Fund specific projects from external sources

4: Set up 5 year management plan for our assets
5: Get 10 extra members each year for next 5 years
6: Assess Members Satisfaction of Thursday Nights
7: To train and partially fund 10 people for external training per year
8: To recognise and formalise the Outdoor Recreation Group

  • Goal 1: Increase weekend trips to 16 per year with 18 people average by 2002/2003

    • Objective #1: Increase number of leaders

    • Action #1: Produce material that outlines the role of the leader

    • Action #2: Training plan developed

    • Action #3: Apply to funding sources 50% of leadership training

    • Action #4: Develop a system of co-leadership/mentoring of new leaders

    • Action #5: Advertise for Leaders internally and externally

    • Responsibility: Chief Guide

    • Time Frame: #1 - AGM 2000, #2 - Dec 2000, #3 - Nov 2000, #4 - Nov 2000, #5 - Ongoing, each six months.

  • Objective #2: Increase geographic distribution of trips

  • Action #1: Develop a database of areas and type of trips (folder) 

  • Action #2:  Survey members for areas they would like to visit

  • Responsibilty: #1 - Chief Guide, #2 - Committee and Ron Minnema

  • Time Frame: #1 - Ongoing, #2 - May 2001

  • Objective #3: Increase range of trip activities eg cross country skiing, kayaking and Mountain Biking

  • Action: Survey members as to type of trips

  • Responsibilty: Committee and Ron Minnema + DCC

  • Time Frame: May 2001

  • Objective #4: Review the policy on transport 

  • Action #1: Educate members of cost private vs club

  • Action #2: Survey - Take into account effect on leaders Discuss at Thursday meeting

  • Responsibilty:  Transport Officer?

  • Time Frame: June/July 2001

  • Objective #5: Trip card development - use process of suggesting areas to visit and then call for leaders  

  • Action #1: Promote in the Bulletin proposed changes

  • Action #2: Form developed for members suggestions of locations placed at back of club rooms

  • Responsibilty: Chief Guide

  • Time Frame: Nov / Dec 2000

  • Objective #6: Day Trips

  • Action #1: Promote in the Bulletin proposed changes

  • Action #2: Form developed for member suggestions of locations placed at back of club rooms

  • Responsiblity: Chief Guide / Day Trip Convenor

  • Time Frame: Nov / Dec 2000

  • Goal 2: Strengthen links with related organisations

  • Objective #1: Improve communication with related organisations 

  • Action #1: Develop list of related organisations and regularly update with contact names, phone numbers and details 

  • Action #2: Send appropriate publicity material Tripcard; our advertising eg Bushcraft 

  • Action #3: Notify of any of our activities they may be interested in (form letter) Ask to reciprocate

  • Responsibility: Publicity Officer and Secretary

  • Time Frame: Nov 2000 / as required

  • Goal 3: Revise financial system; Financial Security; Fund specific projects from external sources

  • Objective #1: Develop financial computing package

  • Action #1: Club Treasurer and others to investigate existing packages or build tailormade package for Clubs present and future needs

  • Action #2: Computing course training for Treasurer

  • Responsibility : #1 - Treasurer and expert help from Club, #2 - Treasurer

  • Time Frame: #1 - Prototype 31/3/01 30 June 2001, #2 - End 2000

  • Objective #2: Develop 5 year financial plan

  • Action : Take projected financial plan from each department and make overall plan

  • Responsibilty: Each Department Head (Committee)

  • Time Frame: June 2001 /  Annual Review,

  • Objective #3: Funding - Find funding sources. Develop a funding folder to stay in club rooms

  • Action #1: List of all available external funding agents Citizens Advice Bureau, Dunedin City Council, Internal Affairs, sponsors

  • Action #2: Specify projects needing funding and find appropriate cash source

  • Responisibilty:  Funding co-ordinator (? new committee member), 

  • Time Frame: , #3 -  #4 - Advertise position by AGM 2000 End Nov 2000 Revise annually, #5 - As appropriate

  • Goal 4: Set up 5 year management plan for our assets

  • Objective #1: Assess all Clubs assets

  • Action: List building assets, determine state of repair, determine actions required, prepare a maintenance schedule, price schedule 

  • Responsibility: Property Officer and delegates 

  • Time Frame: Dec 2000

  • Objective #2: Gear Hire

  • Action #1: List gear available Decide whether to have own gear or rent

  • Action #2: Prepare replacement schedule and new gear

  • Responsibility: Gear Hire Officer

  • Time Frame: #1 - Annually 30 June July 2000, #2 - Annual 30 June - end July 2000

  • Objective #3: Trailer

  • Action: Ongoing maintenance scheduled WOF Registration

  • Responsibility: Transport Officer

  • Time Frame: Ongoing / 6 monthly / Annual

  • Objective #4: Furniture and Fittings

  • Action: Ongoing maintenance of AV equipment Stocktake yearly Maintenance log Upgrading furniture etc

  • Responsibility: Committee

  • Time Frame: Annual 30 June Ongoing Review annually

  • Goal: Get 10 extra members each year for next 5 years

  • Objective #1: Good Bushcraft Course Publicity

  • Action: Promote Bush Craft by advert multiple media,  banks, empty shop windows, paper advertorials, Unipol Channel 9, past bushcraft members to talk to contacts, T Shirts

  • Responsibility: Publicity Officer (Andrew + Bushcraft Co-ordinator

  • Time Frame: By 30 November 

  • Objective #1: Develop Posters

  • Action: Sports shops (ORC)Doctors/Physio Rooms (Carolyn Jenkins - HealthCare Otago, Green Prescription). Displays at major public events

  • Responsibility: Membership sec Publicity Officer

  • Time Frame: Draft 6 months Complete 12 months

  • Objective #1: Radio TV, Paper

  • Action: Community Notice Boards and Channel 9 Thursday - weekly Sports Draw- Thursday ODT

  • Responsibility: Publicity Officer

  • Time Frame: Dec 2000

  • Objective #1: Modify welcome brochure (incl photos) & Club profile sheet

  • Action #1 Redesign and place Backpackers Notice Community ad

  • Action #2: Public perception e-mail notice (Paul Bennington) managed to complement website.

  • Responsibility: #1 - Publicity Officer, #2 - Paul bennington

  • Time Frame:

  • Goal: Assess Members Satisfaction of Thursday Nights

  • Objective #1: To increase numbers, to get more active members

  • Action #1: Survey Members Do we want more people at meetings?

  • Action #2: More - better speakers Survey in bulletin ask other members if they know of someone who wishes to be a speaker

  • Responsibility DCC/Social Convenor

  • Time Frame: (results by May 01 survey out by end of 2000)

  • Objective #2: Convert people attending to new members

  • Action: Advertising nights when a speaker is on to get new people eg weekender

  • Responsibility: Social Convenor

  • Time Frame: May 2001

  • Objective #3: Starting time of meetings - does open 7pm start 7.30pm 

  • Action: Survey in bulletin

  • Responsibility: DCC/Social Convenor 

  • Time Frame: May 2001

  • Objective #4: Make new members feel more welcome

  • Action: Make other members realise we need to speak with new people

  • Responsibility: Committee

  • Time Frame: Immediate and ongoing

  • Objective #5: Higher level speaker to get more active members

  • Action: Source speakers and costs put up a higher fee on door costs. Ideas asked for in survey

  • Responsibility: Social Convenor

  • Time Frame: May 2001

  • Objective #6: More activities which involve people on Thursday nights

  • Action: Ideas asked for in survey

  • Responsibility: DCC/Social Convenor

  • Time Frame: May 2001

  • Goal: To train and partially fund 10 people for external training per year

  • Objective #1: Training need and training available

  • Action: Get on various training organisations mailing lists to ascertain what is available

  • Responsibility: Secretary

  • Time Frame: Before AGM 2000

  • Objective #2: Identify training gaps

  • Action: Assess available courses 

  • Responsibility: Committee

  • Time Frame: AGM 2001

  • Objective #3: Obtain AT LEAST 50% external funding for training

  • Action: Select funding from a variety of sources - in part. Hilary Commission one application per year

  • Responsibility: Funding Officer (new position)

  • Time Frame: AGM 2001  Specific forms as required

  • Objective #4: Prepare a training plan

  • Action: Develop a training plan

  • Responsibility: Chief Guide & Committee 

  • Time Frame: Dec 2000

  • Objective #5: Identify participants for training

  • Action #1: Article in Bulletin asking for people interested

  • Action #2: Invite suitable people to lead

  • Responsibility: #1 - Chief Guide, #2 - Committee

  • Time Frame: #1 - March 2001, #2 - AGM 2001

  • Goal: To recognise and formalise the Outdoor Recreation Group

  • Objective #1: Reform the outdoor recreation group with the objective that they meet regularly to submit to relevant documents

  • Action: Identify and invite interested people

  • Responsibility: Committee

  • Time Frame: September 2000

  • Objective #2: Create a file listing all correspondence, submissions, responses etc to be made available to all club members

  • Action: Representative to report to Committee 

  • Responsibility: Committee appointed representative

  • Time Frame: By November 2000 - Committee Meeting

  • Objective #3: Keep Club Members informed

  • Action: Advise either by Club Bulletin or verbally on Thursday night

  • Responsibility: Sub-Committee

  • Time Frame: Meeting  Quarterly - every 3 months

Notes from the information gather to develop the Strategic Plan



Bushcraft numbers down - perception don�t need training to tramp
Increasing postal member proportion not a problem
Active membership was younger
Accentuate positive aspects of joining club


Trips becoming 'tamer' - not off track, use huts more, shorter trips
? Advanced Bushcraft Course BCII
Need more fit trips ? plan trip destination, then find leaders
Need to change outsiders perception of club - seen as tough, fit trips


Bushcraft profit
No snowcraft 
Small shortfall
Need Maintenance programme - possibly annual fundraising
Funds coming in only cover year to year running expenses - Bulletin, AGM, rates, insurance, not maintenance
Assets (property) = $80,000 purchase value
We pay GST and get back 6 monthly


Assets: Clubroom - ? old books
Big Hut, Leaning Lodge, Jubilee, Ben Rudd, 25 Mile Hut (Rees Valley), trailer, tv and video, epidio, computer and printer, projector, typewriter, gear hire
Apply for rates relief and maintenance ('upgrade') grant


Tramp club = tough tramps, too fit
Within club = need more tough trips
Other clubs maintain our huts - appropriate?
Grant for maintenance - call it �upgrade�
Trip leader - evening, promotion of folder


Weekly meetings, Training/Instruction, Information resources, Friends - meet new people, Financially stable, Regular Trips, Cheap?, Gear hire, New experiences, Enthusiasm, positive, optimistic, energetic, Volunteers time expertise, Wide range ages and backgrounds, Weekly daytrips, Safety, Discounts, Experience, Assets, Opportunities, Adventure, Links to other clubs, Like-minded people, People, Lobbying, Membership steady, Kayak, m-biking, skiing, rock climbing, Social, Organised, Associated social activities, History of club, knowledge, good name, Some family activities, Networking the old members, Website, Knowledge of members skill


Assets and liabilities, Marketing, Trip level - self assessment, clubs knowledge of members, Finding trip leaders - organising, responsibility, Inertia, Thursday night too long, Public perception, Needs alternative trip plan, Tramping groups too small, Clicky club nights, ? location clubrooms, Need more variety of trips and other activities, Cost of trips, Weekend work vs tramping - lack of weektime tramps, Gear hire - maintaining, needs, publicity, Ageing memberships, Chasing funds - time, person etc, Few carry load, Risk management, Hiring vans, transport, Competition and other clubs - we need to differentiate ourselves - safety vs drink


Safe with adventure
Marketing, publicity - financial backing, networking
Work with other clubs
Developing personal skills - leadership, skills, organisation
Opportunity - adventure, similar mind, different areas, safety, other activities
Promote our huts and use more
Use info in clubrooms eg library
Make new friends
To become self dependent
Articles wider market - sell articles - community noticeboard, Weekender - whole page and advertisers, ODT - Sports draw page
Knowledge of members skills
Target as new activity from running, golf etc
Hooking into existing promotions - House and Garden Show


Competition - other tramp clubs - over 50/WEA/Family, other activities, private trips, Mountain bike club, outdoor activity club
Changing society - working weekends, outdoor education in schools, gyms - Short term gain
Time involved - transport, preparations, fitness, tramping itself
Perception of cost - set-up, trip fee
Ageing membership
Ageing and deteriorating assets
Lack of volunteer time
Level of trip - self knowledge of fitness, clubs knowledge of fitness
Few carrying load
Committee need to involve members

Needs Identification

Publicity for new members
Assets management plan - maintenance plan
Tramp revamp - cost, levels, destination, transport, leaders recruiting
Training - leaders - external = NZOIA
(expensive, internationally recognised
Internal - logbooks
Bushcraft / Snowcraft
Partnerships with other clubs - MSC, SAR, Kayak, 4WD, FMC, DOC, DCC, Ben Rudds, Alpine
Storing corporate knowledge - orientation manual for new members
Gear partnership - University club
Joint trips - Kayak, 4WD, other tramp clubs
Revamp Thursday nights - survey members in Bulletin or on clubnight
Funding - designate a person - (supply of info for funding application)
goals, plan, budget
Financial Plan
Proactive lobbying - advocacy for access - need copies of submission form Outdoor Recreation Group: David Barnes, Richard Pettinger, Alan Thomson, Ross Cocker??
Track Clearing


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