100 Trips for 100 Years

A major project in the lead up to the OTMC Centenary in 2023 is '100 Trips for 100 Years'. This will see the club run 100 representative trips from our 100 year history. As of 2017/18 we are currently averaging between 60 and 70 trips per year. Another 30 to 40 will be hard to achieve, but with commitment, along with the 100 Trips theme we should be able to run 100 trips in a 12 month period.

As 100 Trips for 100 Years involves recreating iconic trips from our past, the first task is to create a database of all the trips we have run. We believe we can get close to compiling a list of all trips scheduled (where possible this will be corrected to cover trips that had date or destination changes, or were cancelled for various reasons, such as weather or lack of interest).This task is now well over halfway complete - when finished the club will have a record of where we have been. We will also be able to see where our most popular areas are - currently trips to the local Silver Peaks is well and truly the frontrunner, appropriately so as many regard the Peaks as our traditional tramping ground.

The first Otago Tramping Club trip was held on Saturday afternoon, September, 1, 1923 (a week after the formation of the club). September 1, 2023 is a Friday afternoon, it is entirely appropriate to re-run the very first trip exactly 100 years later, so this date is locked in (the trip was from Ross Creek to Flagstaff and was very well supported - it is said that when the leaders reached the summit the rear of the party were still emerging from the bush!)

The OTMC Centenary is proposed to be held during Labour Weekend 2023 (October 21-23). Therefore, 100 Trips for 100 Years will commence with Labour Weekend 2022, and culminate with a Silver Peaks trip and a visit to the clubs Ben Rudd's property during the Centenary Weekend.

To get to 110 Trips (an extra 10% to cover cancelled trips) we would need to do the following:

  • Run a Sunday trip every weekend except for over Christmas / New Year 2022/23 (though an option could be to have some day trips over this period as the Otago Tramping Club did).
  • A Saturday trip every second weekend (more or less), alternating with weekend trips - the Saturday trips could be shorter or afternoon trips (again, similar to the original trips)
  • Weekend trips (or longer) as we do now - including all long weekends, and every 2-3 weeks.

This alone will get us to over 100 trips - there are further options of evening trips, mid-week trips, plus longer trips such as the Five Passes or a Milford Trip.

Once we have agreed on a list of trips, we will be preparing information for every trip. This will include an overview of the trip and its history with the club, selected trip reports and club members recollections. Once the trip has been completed, this will be updated with a trip report and photo gallery. In time the 100 Trips archive could be published as an electronic record of the year of tramping.

Some trips will be selected by our Life Members - we have asked them to nominate a trip that was special to them, or perhaps a favourite area.