100 Trips for 100 Years: OTMC Pre-Challenge

Walk Every Street in Dunedin City during 2021!


Update Feb 2021 - Debbie is writing a blog of our attempt to complete this challenge, you can read it here.

The OTMC Centenary is fast approaching, and now at the start of 2021 we can say we are going to commence our main Centenary project next year - 100 Trips for 100 Years. 100 Trips aims to recreate 100 trips that the club has completed over the past ten-decades. The project itself will commence in October 2022, and will finish at the Centennial celebrations in Dunedin during Labour Weekend 2023.

The first trips have been selected for 100 Trips, and there are some that will require 'good fitness, these trips include Routeburn In A Day, the Five Passes, Albertburn Saddle, the OTMC Silver Peaks HALF Marathon (there may be interest in the full?) and some longish day trips.

Based on this I thought it may be a good idea to issue a challenge to the club - to walk every street in Dunedin during 2021 (we can think of another challenge later for the first 10 months or so of 2022).

This not a new concept, I know of at least one club member who completed this challenge some years ago, and then there is this article on the ODT website.

There won't be any hard and fast rules, but this is how I think it could work:

  • The walking will not be completed as a club, rather this is an individual challenge for members - you are free to join up with others either in part of full for the walking (it would be more enjoyable with at least two walking)
  • There is no 'required' order' to complete the streets in - I'd suggest getting hold of a Dunedin City street map and highlighting streets completed.
  • A smartphone app such as 'Map My Walk' would be a good idea - you can check online where you have been (see screenshot below).
  • How much of the city you want to do is up to you - I'd suggest the central Dunedin area and the inner suburbs are compulsory and you can choose what outlying areas to cover (remember Dunedin City includes all the way out to Middlemarch, Hyde, Waikouaiti, Brighton, Outram and the Otago Peninsula). According to the ODT article linked above there is around 1500 streets and 'thousands of kilometres' to cover.
  • It is not a race, and the prize for completing will be the satisfaction you obtain by finishing the challenge.

Above - output from most common walk-tracker type apps

Above: Dunedin City - A Pedestrians Paradise