OTMC Then and Now

Recreating images from the OTC / OTMC Archives

As part of our planning for the OTMC Centenary, we are collecting and collating a club photo archive. As a sideline, we thought it would be interesting to compare a historical photo with its contemporary counterpart to see what, if anything, has changed. The OTMC Then and Now series is the result, and will be published periodically, and listed here as they are available (the aim is to publish 100 of these!)

  1. OTN001: Ben Rudd's Stone Hut Site (1931 vs 2015)

  2. OTN002: View from Pulpit Rock (1987 vs 2017)

  3. OTN003: Hooker Glacier and Terminal Lake (1989 vs 2017)

  4. OTN004: Glade House (1928 vs 2015)



(example) OTMC Then and Now 001 - Ben Rudd's Stone Hut (1931 and 2015)