Selected Trip Reports

There has been literally hundreds of trip reports published by the club over the decades. While some are just a short account of the trip, there are many longer ones that deserve to be extracted from our archive and featured here - these provide a first-hand account of our history, and highlight the club's role in tramping and mountaineering, particurlary from the 1940's to the 1970's.

Pre Otago Tramping Club


1921: Over The Hill To Whare Flat.  This report from the Otago Daily Times describes a walk (and route) from Maori Hill to Flagstaff and onwards towards Whare Flat. This report clearlt defines the location of Pineapple Point, where the OTMC are planning to place a lookout seat as part of the 2023 Centenary of the OTC/OTMC.

(original 1922 article sourced from Papers Past - Otago Daily Times, 8 October 1922)

1922: December 26 - From Mount Allan to Waitati via Silver Peaks. Although not an OTC trip as such, it is believed that the trip described in this Otago Daily Times report from December 30, 1922 set in motion plans to form the Otago Tramping Club over the next year. Most of the participants on this trip became foundation members of the OTC in August 1923.

(original 1922 article sourced from Papers Past - Otago Daily Times, Issue 18749, 30 Dec 1922)