Leaning Lodge on the Rock and Pillar Range 

Leaning Lodge Trust

January 2023 Update


Work on the rebuild of Leaning Lodge will start at the end of January. The hut and surrounds will become a construction site and contain construction hazards. The current hut will be used for storage of materials and as source of materials for the new hut.

Please, support the work by keeping clear of the site until further notice.

Leaning Lodge, on the Rock and Pillar Range, is administered by The Leaning Lodge Trust (the Trust). The Trust is a legal entity and holds Charitable Status. Under the Trust Deed, the trustees are elected by the Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club (OTMC).

Leaning Lodge is not available for day or overnight use because it is not compliant with building regulations and therefore unsafe.

The role of the Leaning Lodge Trust is to bring Leaning Lodge to a state where it meets the statuary requirements of the local building authority, in this case the Dunedin City Council.

As the hut is situated on Department of Conservation (DOC) land, the requirements of DOC need to be met. OTMC leases the site under a concession from DOC and the concession document records DOC’s requirements.

The Trust has obtained building consent to build a new Leaning Lodge and is now raising funds for the rebuild.

Further information as available on the Trust’s website

Please observe the closure of Leaning Lodge.

Information and contact information for the nearby Big Hut can be found here.

Information current as at January 2023