Leaning Lodge on the Rock and Pillar Range 

Leaning Lodge Hut

The recent replacement of Leaning Lodge has now been completed, and the hut is open and available for public use.

There has been a hut on the site of the new Leaning Lodge since 1958, catering for skiers, trampers, researchers and all outdoor users. The Leaning Lodge Trust have now acheived their vision of a safe and secure hut in this spectacular sub-alpine location.

Leaning Lodge, on the Rock and Pillar Range, is administered by The Leaning Lodge Trust. The Trust is a legal entity and holds Charitable Status. Under the Trust Deed, the trustees are elected by the Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club (OTMC).

Hut facilities

  • Bunks (with mattresses) - 10
  • Water nearby creek
  • Toilet non-flush
  • Lighting ceiling lights and bunk lights (no candles please).

    Booking a bed is advised.

    Book by emailing John Cocks: john@johncocks.co.nz or text +64 27 246 3918.

    Fees Adult (Over 12 years) $12 per night Youth (12 years and under) $7 per night

    Please deposit fees into the Leaning Lodge bank account no. 03 1369 0389997 00
    Provide name and date/s of stay in reference fields

    Other information is posted in the hut and is important to read and follow - please respect the effort by many people to provide the replacement hut,

    Further information as available on the Trust’s website