View from Leith Loop Lookout

Dunedin Skyline Walk (Flagstaff - Swampy - Mt Cargill)

The complete Dunedin Skyline Walk comprises seven different tracks, combining to make a traverse from the south side of Flagstaff right through to the harbour side of Mt Cargill possible.

  • Flagstaff - Pineapple Track (DCC): Leaving from the Bullring on Flagstaff-Whare Flat Rd, this section traverses over the summit of Flagstaff, with panoramic views over the city.
  • Swampy Ridge Track (DCC): This track connects the Pineapple Track to Swampy Summit, and formed part of the original mountain track route north of Dunedin - at 739m, Swampy Summit is the highest point on the entire Skyline Walk.
  • Leith Saddle Track (DoC): This track descends from near the communications installation at the southern end of Swampy Summit, and connects to the top of Waitati Valley Road, where it intersects with the State Highway at Leith Saddle.
  • Cloud Forests of Leith (OTMC): Leaving Sullivans Dam, the Cloud Forests of Leith winds through regenerating forest (including remnant cedar forest) and small creeks as it climbs to the view point over Blueskin Bay at the power lines.
  • Escarpment Track (OTMC): This track is designed as a real tramping experience, where you will be walking and climbing over tree roots and occasional fallen native logs - there are three sections where you will need to climb small rock bluffs (with plenty of hand and footholds available). Experienced trampers will enjoy the expansive views over Blueskin Bay and towards the Silver Peaks.
  • A.H. Reed Track (DCC): This short track connects with the top of the Escarpment Track, and skirts under the northern side of Mt Cargill before heading to the summit. Mt Cargill offers 360° views from the summit.
  • Mt Cargill and Organ Pipes Track (DCC): The eastern end of the Skyline Walk heads back down the A.H. Reed track to the popular track to Bethunes Gully - to follow the Skyline Walk, turn off at the Organ Pipes junction and follow the track to Mt Cargill Road. An option from here is to follow the Grahams Bush (DoC) track to Sawyers Bay.

The OTMC has developed the missing two links - the Cloud Forests of Leith track from Sullivans Dam to the power lines, and the Escarpment Track, from the power lines to Cowan Road near Mt Cargill. Together, the seven sections of the Skyline Walk provide a wide range of walking and tramping experiences, from the well graded Pineapple track on Flagstaff, to the Fiordland bush experience on the Escarpment Track.

Cloud Forests of Leith and the Escarpment Track
OTMC Sections of the Dunedin Skyline Walk (in red)

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