Sullivans Dam outlet from Leith Loop lookout

Dunedin Skyline Walk - Leith Loop Lookout - Track Guide

The Leith Loop track is a 45 minute return side trip from the Cloud Forests of Leith Track, and offers expansive views over Sullivans Dam, Leith Valley, Dunedin City, Flagstaff, Swampy and Mt Cargill

Leith Loop Map

The Leith Loop track starts approximately 15-20 minutes from Sullivans Dam on the Cloud Forests of Leith track (see the Cloud Forests of Leith track guide).

The location of the Leith Loop lookout is indicated in the above photo (taken from the southern end of Sullivans Dam)

From the junction, follow the signposted track to the lookout. The track is generally well graded, and has boardwalk installed where needed. The track is not marked, but it is obvious where it goes.

There is a further junction about five minutes from the top (again signposted) - this is a loop track that returns to this junction after traversing the lookout rocks. Either track can be take - the right hand track is not quite as muddy as the left hand, but both are fine to tramp through.

The lookout at Leith Loop offers the best views on the southern side (Sullivans Dam) side of the Cloud Forests of Leith Track. There are two sections of rocks at the top of the loop - the higher one offer the best views - almost 360° views from Mt Cargill right around to the Silver Peaks, including Dunedin City and the Flagstaff and Swampy sections of the Skyline Walk.

Be aware that the rocks are slippery, so be careful when climbing on them.

It is from this point that the OTMC are investigating continuing the track for 400m or so to link up with Pigeon Flat Rd.

Return back to the Cloud Forests of Leith track and either continue to the powerlines for some more views, or eturn to Sullivans Dam.

Above: Looking south - Sullivans Dam and Dunedin City

Above: The Gap (Silver Peaks) from Leith Loop lookout

Above: Leith Saddle and the Leith Saddle Walkway from the Leith Loop lookout