OTMC party in Tiel Creek

OTMC Weekend Trips

COVID-19 Update: October 11, 2021 - Weekend/Longer Trips

OTMC Weekend/Longer Trips under Alert Level 2 will operate as follows from now on:

This guidance is for trips leaving from the clubrooms. If members are planning to meet at the starting location, then the trip leader will make decisions as required.

OTMC members only.
If feeling unwell - stay at home.
Maximum of four people to a car, and the trip leader will need to record who is travelling in each car
Ensure you scan the NZ Covid Tracer if leaving from the  clubrooms (available on the outside of both doors).
Ensure you complete the OTMC SAR list, and email to otmcplb@gmail.com and your SAR contact before you leave town (SAR Forms are available here).

The trip leader has the ultimate discretion so they may also ask some screening questions related to Covid on the day. Please continue to respect the job they do.

The summer weekend trip programme is still being completed - as trips are confirmed they will be added to the website. Follow the normal procedure to discuss or signup for a trip - either contact the leader listed, or members can signup at a clkub meeting from October 21 onwards.

Weekend Trips

The OTMC runs weekend trips through-out the year. Weekend trips generally leave the Clubrooms (3 Young Street, Dunedin) at 6pm sharp on the Friday evening, unless stated otherwise here or on the trip card.

Non-members are welcome on our trips, but are limited to two multi-day trips (weekend trips or longer) in a single financial year (July to June). If non-members wish to undertake further multi-day trips with the OTMC then you are required to apply for OTMC Membership first.

Most trips are suited for 'All' grades, although some trips are more suited for fitter or more experienced trampers. Please check below for details. Please read these OTMC notes on Weekend Trips:
  • Names should be entered on the trip list in the clubrooms, or by contacting the listed trip leader. Closing date is normally 8 days before departure (so the club night the week before). Persons whose names are on the list when it closes are committed to pay full cost plus food. Refunds only by written application to the Committee.
  • Club transport will be arranged - normally in hired vans, or sometimes in private cars. Trip costs are payable in advance.
  • Non members and anyone else not known to the Trip Leader must contact the leader before signing the trip list. There is a non member surcharge on weekend trips (currently set at $13 per non-member)
  • The Trip Leader will arrange parties of 3-5 people and nominate a suitable party leader. Non availability of suitable party leaders may limit trip options. Party leaders organise party gear (tent or fly, stove, fuel, billies, food, maps, compass and a comprehensive first aid kit) which is to be divided amongst party members.
  • Should a party be late in returning, any enquiries should be made to the SAR contact appointed before the trip, or any office bearer.
  • Weekend trips generally depart at 6pm on Friday evening, from the clubrooms, please check with the leader.

OTMC Trip Notes

  • The trip programme is subject to alteration. Intending participants should consult the Trip Leader or Chief Guide for details.
  • You must ensure you gear is adequate (see below). If in doubt consult the Trip Leader or Chief Guide.
  • Medical conditions should be discussed with the Trip Leader before the trip. This is for your own safety and that of your companions.
  • Bad weather may make trips harder and/or longer than planned.
  • The Committee/Trip Leader reserves the right of attendance on club trips. 
  • No firearms or dogs on club trips.
  • No smoking or alcohol on club transport.
  • We recommend newcomers do a day trip before a weekend trip.

Downloadable Files for OTMC Weekend Trips

OTMC Weekend Trip Grades

Trip grades are guidelines. If in doubt, try an easier trip first.

Note: OTMC trips are graded by the time the trip is expected to take, not the distance.

  • EASY (E): Generally suitable for beginners, but proper clothing and equipment are ESSENTIAL (see lists below). About 3-5 hours tramping per day.
  • MODERATE (M): A reasonable standard of fitness and experience needed. About 5-7 hours of tramping per day
  • FIT (F) These trips are expected to be longer and may be more difficult. About 7-9 hours tramping per day.
  • FITNESS ESSENTIAL (FE): A high level of fitness, experience and self-reliance is essential. Most available time will be spent tramping, 10-24 hours per day
  • CLIMBING (C): Climbing equipment, experience and fitness essential.

Other grades are used, for example E/M (4-6 hours tramping time) and M/F (around 6-8 hours tramping time)

Attendance on FE and C trips is by prior arrangement with the Trip Leader only.

  • INSTRUCTIONAL (I): Priority given to club members. Trip cost calculated to cover instructor’s expenses. Only open to non members if sufficient space available.

Minimum gear requirements for weekend trips

  • Pack (large enough for all your gear on the inside)
  • Packliner (waterproof inner bag)
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping mat (Thermarest or closed cell foam mat)
  • Sturdy boots / thick walking socks
  • Waterproof parka / raincoat
  • Merino / polyprop / jersey (2-3 for layering options)
  • Shorts or walking trousers (no jeans)
  • Fleece or down jacket (for camp / hut use)
  • Dry clothes for camp / hut
  • Camp shoes (sandals / light running shoes etc.)
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Torch
  • Waterbottle (consider filling before departure, depending on trip)
  • Beanie or similar hat
  • Mitts / gloves
  • Sun protection
  • Over-trousers (can depend on season)
  • Longjohns
  • Gaiters (desirable rather than essential).
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Eating and drinking utensils
  • Toilet gear

Weekend / party trip leaders will be responsible for arranging tent or fly, stove, billies and fuel, maps and compass, party first aid kit, PLB (personal locator beacon) (if an OTMC trip) - this gear will be distributed amongst the party. The leader will also advise the food requirements - generally breakfast, lunch  and snacks is up to each person, while the evening meals are shared.