OTMC Centenary 2023

The Otago Tramping Club was formed in Dunedin on August 23, 1923 - therefore the club will be celebrating 100 years of tramping and mountaineering in 2023. With nine decades of trips, meetings, friendships, socials and lots of other events, we have lots to celebrate.

The club are using the remaining years leading up to 2023 to highlight our written and photographic archives, as well as planning for our feature event for 2022-23, '100 Trips for 100 Years'. We plan to recreate 100 iconic trips in the twelve-month period, commencing in October 2022.

Our centenary pages are a sub-site from the main OTMC website, and will be used to share our history as we head along the pathway to our centenary.

Pathway to the OTC / OTMC Centenary - Presentation

During 2016, the outline of our Pathway to the OTC / OTMC Centenary was presented to the committee and club members - you can view this presentation here.


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