OTMC Centenary Photo Competition

There will be a Centenary photo competition. The exact details are still being finalised, and there’s not going to be a lot of time to get entries in. More information will be available soon. The competition will be simplified to only two sections, and the emphasis will be on presenting a view of the Club’s history as a curtain-raiser for the Centenary Weekend at Labour Weekend. Participation is encouraged from current members and from earlier members attending the celebrations. There will be two sections:

Historic. Select “old photos” rather than “photos of old things”. As an example, a recent photo of a hut built in the 1950’s is not a ‘historic’ photo. However, a photo of the same hut taken in the 1960’s certainly is a ‘historic’ photo. Photos must be taken before 1 Jan 2000. Judging will favour images which capture the essence of past Club eras, and which include members and club activities.

Portrait. The capture of the likeness of a member or a small group of members (up to 5), in which the face and expression is predominant. The objective is to display the likeness, personality, or the mood of the subject. Judging will favour images from earlier eras.

Dig out your old photos now. More recent ones will be digital. But hopefully there will be a lot from the olden days of film, including black and white. At this stage, people will be able submit up to 3 Historic photos, and up to 2 Portrait photos. Photos taken on film will need to be submitted digitally by scanning either the slides or the negatives, or the prints. If you don’t have a scanner, places like Harvey Normans and perhaps Warehouse Stationary can scan film or prints to a digital photo file on a USB memory stick (up to $3 per photo).

Each digital photo size should be between 1MB and 5MB, although 3MB is big enough, and should be a JPG format.

Generally, photos should be taken in New Zealand, although if it was a group of members tramping or mountaineering overseas, that would be OK.

Rules on post processing:

• Adjustments for exposure, white balance, contrast & levels are allowed.

• Cropping is allowed.

• Removal of dust, scratches (mould!) from film photos is allowed.

• Removal or insertion of features not in the original image is not allowed.

Entries to close on Thursday 5 October. Photo files should be submitted electronically using a cloud storage service like Google Drive, but others such as DropBox, One Drive etc are fine too. Or maybe by memory stick on any of the Club nights up and including to 5th October. Or last resort, by email to me but please check first.

While you wait for entry details, start sorting your old photo collections to find a few treasures. Wipe the dust and clean them up. Scan your film ones. Dream up some artistic titles. And note Thursday October 19 Club Night to see the winning photos and see some more of our Club history.

Enquiries about how to enter and suggestions and offers of help to Ross Davies phone 027 611 4977 or ross@davies.net.nz. But no attached photos please. 

To enter, please download, fill out and submit this entry form.