Trampers dropping into Siberia Valley

Thursday night meetings

The OTMC hold an evening meeting most Thursdays (see below for upcoming programme). Anyone with an interest in tramping or the outdoors are more than welcome to come along and find out what the club can offer. The door is open at 7.30pm and the meeting proper starts at 8pm. A structured programme normally follows some short club announcements. The programme often features a guest speaker talking about a tramping or outdoor related topic. Occasionally we hold training nights on various tramping subject. Members and other are able to bring along photos etc. or recent trips to our regular BYO (photos) nights,

If you are interested in finding out more about the tramping club and tramping in our area then the club nights are often the best way to do so.

We are fortunate to own our own clubrooms which allows us to display a comprehensive map and photo collection on our walls.

Our clubrooms are located at 3 Young Street, St Kilda. Young Street runs off Prince Albert Road, the main road through South Dunedin leading to the beach. Our clubrooms feature a large sign and are just behind the corner diary.

Upcoming Social Programme

August 24 - OTMC 94th Annual General Meeting - Come along and have a say on the running of our club.

August 31 - Ben Rudd Management Plan: August 2018 marks the completion of the current Ben Rudd’s Trust twenty years of existence, and a time to re-examine the need for the Trust and its property management plan. Come along and find out the history and importance of this special property, which has been owned by the club since 1946. Over the next few months club members will be deciding what the future management of our property should be – this evening will provide a brief illustrated overview of our 94 year association with the property, presented by the OTMC and members of the Ben Rudd’s Management Trust.

September 7 - Peter Boeckhout: 8 days on the Travers Sabine Circuit Why would you drag a 27kg backpack around in Nelson Lakes National Park? Hear the story and look at the pictures to find out.

September 14 - Alex Tupps : Paratramping Mt Larkins: At 2300m Mt Larkins is the highest mountain on the East of Lake Wakatipu. Alex Tups will talk about an amazing adventure climbing Mt Larkins and flying down to the pub in Glenorchy. Alex will also show some videos of paragliding and tramping in the area including a very scenic tandem flight from Minor Peak to Pigeon Island at sunset.

September 21 - Tony Timperley : Pre Te Araora Track

September 28 - Trip Planning for Summer trip card: It is time to start thinking about where you would like to go tramping during the summer months so come along and share your ideas. There will be a discussion about what is involved in being a day or weekend trip leader with volunteers being needed to lead both day and weekend trips on the new trip card.

October 5 - Antony Hamel: Tramping in the 1950s. The recently published diaries of poet, literary editor and arts patron Charles Brasch reveal that he was a keen tramper. Why was he tramping in the 1950s and how different was tramping then?

October 12 - Tracy Pettinger: Tracy dragged her hapless husband on day walks in the searing heat of Costa del Sol with promise of beer at the end of each silly event. Come and hear how he protested.

October 19 - To Be Advised:

October 26 - Barry Walker and Helen Jones: Mt Blanc (more details to follow)

November 2 - Richard Pettinger: Tramping with the OTC/OTMC in 1970’s Before he settled down into married life, Life Member Richard P observed many intriguing and occasionally troubling events in the late 60s and early 70s of the OTC/OTMC. He is well equipped to lie about it all. He may describe who got him into tramping and how. Expect names to be dropped (some should even be dropped entirely).

November 9 - To Be Advised:

November 16 - To Be Advised:

November 23 - Project Kereru - (visit the bird rescue aviary in Green Island): We all enjoy seeing Kereru (Wood Pigeons) in our gardens so come along and learn about what trees and shrubs are favourites of the Kereru, why trapping pests is important and what we can do to ensure we continue to see Kereru in our gardens.  We will be visiting the Kereru aviary, which is not open to the public, where injured Kereru are looked after until they are well enough to be released. 

November 30 - Life Member Trevor Pullar: Tramping in 1960’s, beginning of MSC and SAR