Trampers dropping into Siberia Valley

Thursday Night Meetings

The OTMC hold an evening meeting most Thursday evenings (see below for upcoming programme). Anyone with an interest in tramping or the outdoors are more than welcome to come along and find out what the club can offer. The door is open from 7.30pm and the meeting proper starts at 8pm. A structured programme normally follows some short club announcements. The programme often features a guest speaker talking about a tramping or outdoor related topic. Occasionally we hold training nights on various tramping subject.

If you are interested in finding out more about the tramping club and tramping in our area then the club nights are often the best way to do so. You can sign up for weekend trips, or talk to leaders for the upcoming day trips.

We are fortunate to own our own clubrooms which allows us to display a comprehensive map and photo collection on our walls.

Our clubrooms are located at 3 Young Street, St Kilda. Young Street runs off Prince Albert Road, the main road through South Dunedin leading to the beach. Our clubrooms is identified by a large sign and are just behind the corner dairy.

Upcoming Social Programme

July 15  BYO Photo Night: Bring along your best sorted photos from recent trips to show on the big screen.

July 22  OTMC Quiz Night: Come along and form a team for a general knowledge quiz night - organised by Tracy and Richard Pettinger

July 29  100 Trips for 100 Years: The OTMC’s major project heading into the 2023 Centenary is ‘100 Trips for 100 Years’. The Otago Tramping Club and OTMC have together run over 7,000 trips since September 1923 – this project aims to revisit 100 of these starting in October 2022 and finishing with a couple of trips during the 2023 OTC/OTMC Centenary Weekend (Labour Weekend).
This evening is designed to provide an overview of the planned project and trips, as well as instilling interest in the overall concept. 2022 & 2023 are going to be very busy years for the club, so come along and find out how you can participate!

August 5  Cath Smith: Talk on fungus (more details to come)

August 12  Philip Somerville: A Triple Treat Of Trips

August 19  Halo Project: Back in February this year a notice was sent out headed ‘Improving Conditions for Native Birds on Flagstaff’ In that notice it stated that the Halo Project Team were working on a Pest Control management plan for the Flagstaff area.
Not only have they been working on a management plan but it seems that the plan has been put into action, going by the number of wooden box traps that have sprouted up in the area.
So, how many traps are there? Have they caught any Pests? And what else is happening in the local area that we tramp?
Come and find out what traps are being used and how they work when the Halo Team bring us up to date with the trapping that is taking place in the Flagstaff/Swampy area.
They will also provide an update on the whole of the Halo Project

August 26  OTMC 98th Annual General Meeting: The 98th Annual General Meeting of the OTMC will be held in the clubrooms on Thursday, August 26, commencing at 8.00pm.